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A chance to play in an ensemble from the beginning upwards

We offer instrument-specific, tailored groups led by qualified musicians, bespoke to your child's standard and interests.

Players of all brass and woodwind instruments are welcome. Groups are at a variety of standards - there's something for everyone!

  • develop confidence
  • improve instrument playing
  • make new firends and have fun

We offer trials with our our ensembles. Just come a long to our reception desk before the ensemble you are interested in and we will introduce you.

Junior Wind Band

  • A fabulous beginner group for pupils who can play a five notes on any woodwind or brass instrument, up to Grade 1-2 standard.

Register for junior wind band here

Wind Warriors

  • Grades 2 to grade 5 pupils on all woodwind and brass instruments are welcome.

Register for wind warriors here


  • Flutes only from grade 1 upwards
  • Play a variety of styles, from contempory to pop to classical

Register for flutarama here


This is our orchestra for senior players, for more information please click here.

Jazz ensembles

Why not try something different, especially if you like playing by ear. We have two great Jazz ensembles that focus jazz/improvisation.  Please click here to find out more.