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Birchwood Avenue
AL10 0PS
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01707 270025

Acting Head of Centre:


We offer:

  • individual and small group tuition in all instruments
  • a range of student groups
  • music sessions for under 5s
  • music and arts partnerships with special schools (Funky Pie)
  • music therapy.


Office hours (term-time only)

  • Mon–Fri, 9am–7pm
  • Saturday: 9am–1pm


What's on


  • 4.30 – 5.00pm – Having Fun with Drums / Drumheadz
  • 5.30 – 6.15pm – Percussion Incorporated


  • 5.00 - 5.30pm – String Babies Aardvarks


  • 5.00 – 5.30pm –String Babies Bears


  • 4.45 – 5.45pm – Training Wind Band
  • 5.25 – 6.10pm  – Flute Ensemble
  • 6.00 –7.00pm – Intermediate Wind Band
  • 6.15 –7.45pm – Youth Concert Band


  • 4.30–6pm – Songwriting Club (2 groups)

Saturday music school (5-18 years)

  • 8.45 – 9.30am – Junior Choir
  • 8.45 - 9.45am – Youth Choir
  • 8.45 - 9.45am – String Quartets
  • 9.55 - 10.55 - Chamber Choir
  • 9.55 - 10.55am – String Orchestra
  • 9.55 - 10.55am – Senior Woodwind ensembles
  • 9.55 - 10.55am - Burleigh Strings
  • 10.00 - 11.00am - String Sparkles
  • 10.15 - 10.55am – Theory Group 1
  • 11.00am - 12.45pm – Mid Herts Youth Orchestra
  • 11.10am - 12.10pm – Birchwood
  • 11.00 - 12.00pm – Mid Herts Concert Orchestra
  • 12.05 - 12.45pm – Theory Group 2


Individual lessons

  • Piano and keyboard
  • Strings: Violin, Viola, (including Suzuki Method), Cello and Double Bass
  • Brass: Cornet, Trumpet, Tenor Horn, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba
  • Woodwind: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Saxophone
  • Recorder
  • Harp
  • Guitar: Classical and Electric
  • Drum Kit
  • Singing
  • Rock School
  • Music Theory



Current prices for instrument lessons (11 per term)

  • 20 min lessons – £154
  • 30 min lessons – £231
  • 30 min shared lessons – £115
  • 30 min group lessons (up to 5) – £77
  • Adult 20 min lessons – £168.67
  • Adult 30 min lessons –  £253

Current prices for groups per term

£52 – £79 depending on the group (with a 25% discount applied after the first group).


  • Fees are payable in advance and an invoice will be sent to you from SERCO when you have accepted a place.
  • Families on low incomes may be eligible for help with music fees. Discounts of either 50% or 100% may be available, depending on your income and benefits.

Instruments for loan

We have a limited number of instruments that we can loan out. Speak to your music teacher in the first instance.


  • Loaned instruments must be covered by insurance and families must accept responsibility for accidental damage.
  • Insurance requirements and any fee will vary according to the value of the instrument. We'll give you details.
  • We can't accept responsibility for privately owned instruments. We recommend that you insure instruments at replacement value through a specialist music insurance company that will provide sufficient cover outside your home.

Assisted instrument purchase

  • We have a scheme open to all pupils at music centres.
  • We hold suitable instruments in stock at very competitive prices. We can also give quotes for other instruments.

Attending your lessons or group

Things to bring to lessons:

  • face covering
  • instrument (where required) and music
  • a drink.

Children should wear a face covering at all times until they're in their activity room.


Drop-off and pick-up

Please drop your child outside the centre and stay outside when your child enters and leaves the building.

COVID-19 update


About our groups

Mid Herts Centre for Music and Arts groups are for anyone of school age living or attending school in Hertfordshire.

Groups meet weekly for 10 sessions a term and do regular performances throughout the year with other Mid Herts groups.

Wind and brass groups

Training Wind Band

  • Thursdays, 4.45–5.45pm
  • For established beginner wind, brass, percussion and bass guitar players through to good, less experienced players of about grade 1–3.

Intermediate Wind Band

  • Thursdays, 6.00 – 7.00pm
  • For woodwind, brass and percussion players who are of an intermediate standard – grades 3, 4 and 5+.

Youth Concert Band

  • Thursdays, 6.15 – 7.45pm
  • For advanced players of higher grades who play woodwind, brass, percussion, electric bass and keyboard instruments, performing music from the varied advanced wind band repertoire – grades 6–8.

Senior Woodwind Ensemble

  • Saturdays, 9.55 – 10.55am
  • For intermediate and advanced players to work in small chamber groups as well as a full ensemble, performing music of a high level.

Flute Ensemble

  • Thursdays, 5.25–6.10pm
  • For players above grade 7 to work on contemporary and more challenging works for flute ensemble.

Percussion groups

Having Fun with Drums / Drumheadz

  • Mondays, 4.30 – 5pm
  • This course is for children aged 5–10.
  • No prior musical experience is necessary and all instruments / sticks will be provided. The sessions will include a variety of drumming activities.

Percussion Incorporated

  • Mondays, 5.30 – 6.15pm
  • Provides an opportunity for intermediate and advanced percussionists to perform ensemble music using tuned and untuned percussion as well as a variety of Latin instruments.

Full orchestras

Mid Herts Concert Orchestra

  • Saturdays, 11.00 – 12.00pm
  • Intermediate string, wind, brass, percussion players. The emphasis is on orchestral training preparing musicians for the Mid Herts Youth Orchestra and beyond. Entry standard grade 4.

Mid Herts Youth Orchestra

  • Saturdays, 11.00 – 12.45pm
  • Entry by teacher recommendation or by informal audition
  • Standard full symphony orchestra repertoire is studied in full and in sectional rehearsals.
  • A high standard of playing is required – usually grades 6 - 8+.

We’re very excited about welcoming back our current members, including those who couldn’t engage with the orchestra last year, and equally excited about the new members of the orchestra who will join us.

MHYO is a friendly and positive environment, focused on giving the students as much ensemble experience as possible and widening their musical knowledge in their time with us. We aim for every young musician to achieve as much as they can, be that those just getting used to playing in orchestras or those who are at an advanced level (we’ve had a number of members join the National Youth Orchestra in recent times).

As we find our feet again after this extraordinary period, we will carefully build our confidence and ensemble skills again during the year, with three key dates for performances and/or workshops on December 4, February 5 and 25 June. More details to follow about choice of repertoire, and venues.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, but more than anything please tell your young musician to start getting excited about the season ahead!


Junior Choir

  • Saturday, 8.45 – 9.30am
  • Aimed at years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 at school, who enjoy singing and want to sing with others. The music is varied and fun – accompanied / unaccompanied, traditional / popular songs, unison singing / singing in parts, rounds / echo songs.

Youth Choir

  • Saturdays, 8.45 – 9.45am
  • For pupils in years 6–13. Repertoire includes extended part songs up to 3 parts from a variety of styles, both accompanied and unaccompanied.
  • An ability to read music is useful but not essential as the emphasis is on enjoyment through vocal skill development.
  • The choir performs at local venues and in London. Singing lessons are encouraged.

Chamber Choir

  • Saturdays, 9.55 – 10.55am
  • For years 10–13 forming a chamber choir.
  • More advanced choral chamber repertoire for older students who are members of the Mid Herts youth choir. The ability to hold a part in divided choral textures is developed and this choir is an excellent group to join in conjunction with the county youth choir.
  • Singing lessons are essential.

String orchestras and groups

String Sparkles

  • Saturdays, 10.00 – 11.00am
  • This is a group that gives the opportunity of playing with other string players. It is a training ground to the basic skills for group playing aimed at established beginners to grade 2.

Sparkles will probably be one of your child’s first experiences of playing in an ensemble. For many this can be an exciting new venture, but for some the prospect may be a little daunting. Sparkles is aimed for beginner string players (approximately grade 0-2) who have been learning for a few terms and are able to use first finger pattern.

Our aim is to provide your child with the solid musical building blocks needed for successful orchestral playing, but within a friendly relaxed environment. The focus will be on sightreading, counting, playing in tune, listening to each other and learning how to follow a conductor.

The primary goal is to have fun and build their confidence whilst preparing them for the next stage  of orchestral playing. 

Birchwood Strings 

  • Saturdays, 11.10 - 12.10pm

Burleigh Strings

  • Saturdays, 9.55 – 10.55am
  • This string orchestra requires string playing to the standard of grade 4-5, where third position has been established.
  • Chromatic scale two octaves, playing off the string, beginnings of vibrato should be evident.
  • More extended string repertoire from classical idioms of music are explored.

String Orchestra

  • Saturdays, 9.55 – 10.55am
  • The string section of the Youth Orchestra
  • String orchestra repertoire of an advanced standard is performed.

String Quartets

  • Saturdays, 8.45 – 9.45am
  • Senior string quartets for pupils to develop string chamber music.


Theory groups

  • Saturdays, 10.15 – 10.55am and 12.05 – 12.45pm
  • A course of lessons leading up to grade 5 and beyond theory examinations.


Weekly Songwriting Club

  • Fridays: 4.30 - 6.00pm
  • Learn how to write, record and perform your songs and meet other young songwriters.Develop skills to support your GCSE music compositions.Instruments are provided or you can bring your own.Open to young people aged 8-18.

Music for under 5s


  • Tuesdays, 5.00 – 5.30pm
  • Hertfordshire Music Service and Stringbabies Ltd are working in partnership to offer a  fun and rewarding way for very young children (3-5 years) to learn stringed instruments.
  • Mid Herts centre offers this programme on cello.


The Funky Pie Company

The Funky Pie Company is a diverse team of artists who love to share their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with others. The Funky Pie Company is the Hertfordshire Music Service team that works with special schools and leads on our SEND provision.

Over the last few years, in partnership with some wonderful special schools, we have developed an Arts Award for special schools: Music and the Arts as a Communication Skill (MACS) which can be delivered at Explore, Bronze and Silver level.

Friends of Mid Herts Centre for Music and Arts

The Friends of Mid Herts Centre for Music and Arts is a charitable organisation whose objective is to give additional support for the music education of students at the centre.

They assist with the smooth running of our concerts, financially help with the purchase of additional music equipment and instruments, and lead with specific fundraising activities.

We welcome any help in the following areas:

  • Saturday morning tuck shop (on a rota - paused due to Covid restrictions)
  • helping out at concerts, including refreshments
  • distributing posters.

Please talk to the head of centre if you can help.

You'll also find us on Twitter @MidHertsFriends.




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