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It’s now straightforward to support music in Hertfordshire and donate online to Hertfordshire Music Service and help a young people discover their own 'unique musical voice' and ensure Hertfordshire remains a county of musical opportunity.

We are often asked how people, who wish to show their appreciation for music and the work we do, can make donations of money. We don't currently have a way to do this in person at one of our centres however, you can now support Hertfordshire Music Service by donating online.

Your decision to support Hertfordshire Music Service is an entirely voluntary one and we appreciate all contributions as 100% of your donations go to providing the young people of Hertfordshire a musical experience.

We ask that you donate only as much as you feel comfortable with. You may want to consider either a one-off payment or more frequently.

Are you a company who would like to be a sponsorship partner and benefit from aligning your brand with Hertfordshire Music Service? If so you can find all the details on our sponsorship page.

If you would like to see the joy and impact that music has on the young people who learn with us please watch the video showcase below.

What will the money raised from donations be spent on?

Donations can be used entirely to maintain and enhance the services we offer to the community and there are no deductions or fees.

Some examples of the projects your donation could help deliver:

  • Creative Music Nurture Groups – supportive music sessions for small groups of learners who have suffered a bereavement or are at risk of exclusion from school. Results have shown increased confidence to express feelings of loss and improved school attendance.
  • Singing Festivals – school groups and their teachers are supported to learn songs in school before joining a large scale performance where they celebrate their music making with families and school communities.
  • Funky Pie – a weekly class for students with significant learning disabilities to explore a wide range of music, dance and arts activities which can lead to a recognised qualification.
  • Unaccompanied migrant scheme – HMS support unaccompanied migrants to learn English alongside bespoke music sessions designed to help address the trauma these young people have experienced following their escape from war or persecution.

I already pay my Council Tax. Doesn’t this cover the cost of running the service?

Hertfordshire Music Service is a traded service within Hertfordshire County Council and receives limited funding from HCC.

Like many other music services most of our funding, to support the development of services, comes from customers and Arts Council funding.

Donations are one of a number of revenue streams to help us achieve our vision.

What other ways of raising income are you considering?

Hertfordshire Music Service has a number of income generating services.

These include:

  • music lessons
  • ensembles
  • music development in schools
  • music therapy
  • county groups
  • concerts and events

COVID-19 has impacted these services, highlighting further the importance of donations.

Will my donation go directly to my local music centre or to Hertfordshire Music Service?

100% of each donation goes directly to Hertfordshire Music Service and will be directed to where it is most needed. We think it is only right that funds are prioritised to where the need is greatest.

Can I Gift Aid my donation?

Unfortunately this is not possible at this time.

Can I donate musical instruments, books and musical scores?

Yes – we are happy to receive donations of instruments in good working order and sheet music. Just contact your local music centre team who will be able to advise you further.