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Introducing swing to St Albans!

Live playing

Two fantastic live bands for all levels of ability and experience...

We offer trials with our our ensembles. Just come a long to our reception desk before the ensemble you are interested in and we will introduce you.


(Grades 1–4) for those who play woodwinds, brass and Rhythm Section instruments (Guitar, Piano, Bass & Drums) who are just starting out on their Jazz education journey.

Register for birdland here


(Grades 5+) for those who play saxophone, brass, rhythm section and vocalists who want to explore some more advanced music and play in more intricate and potentially challenging ensembles.

Register for vanguard here

Online learning

Check out our fab instructibles teaching you the nuances of jazz playing from the comfort of your own home!


Basic Swing


Introducing Phrasing


Blues Scales

Accompanying dots


Improvising with the Minor Pentatonic and Blues scales

Accompanying dots


Major Modes

Accompanying dots


Pentatonic Scales

Accompanying dots


Phrygian Pentatonic

Accompanying dots



If you require any of the sheet music on this page in a more accessible format please email the inclusion team.