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Music Mark

A school Music Review consists of an initial meeting with a Regional Manager, the use of our comprehensive School Music Self Evaluation tool, Building a high-quality music education (, and a further meeting to look at areas for development and actions.

The audit tool is a questionnaire covering all aspects of school music and providing a snapshot of where music is now in your school. It can be a useful baseline for a subject leader to work from, or a record of work in progress. It can be updated periodically to demonstrate progress.

Participation in this process can lead to an invitation to the Music Mark schools programme giving schools access to a range of tailored benefits.

Music Mark Criteria:

• evidence of a willingness to engage in development conversations related to improving music provision

• recognition of the value of music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum

• a strategy for music in place which provides for all children

Schools successful in achieving this statues will receive a certificate, the use of the Music Mark logo, and access to all Music Mark resources, including national training webinars.

All Music Mark school accounts are reviewed annually.