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A teacher may recommend that your child take an assessment or exam.

This is a grade exam run by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music or Trinity Guildhall 

Music grades

Secondary pupils tend to take grade exams (grades 1-8 and prep exam). The more formal exam setting gives a sense of occasion and the inclusion of scales, aural tests and sigh reading are recognised as important aspects of instrumental playing.

Assessment plays an important part in a pupils musical journey, rewarding sustained practice and giving pupils, teachers and parents a nationally recognised benchmark.

It is important that pupils develop all their musical skills as just working towards exams will not necessarily produce good players.

Parental support and encouragement in all areas of musical development makes an enormous difference in progress and enjoyment.

Music exam with Hertfordshire Music Centres

HMS will host face-to-face private visit and digital examination with the exam boards. Students who are interested in applying for music exam can apply online.

Benefits of applying with HMS

  • HMS will help to communicate with the exam boards
  • parents can use one portal to monitor all different services with HMS, including lessons, funding and exam application
  • HMS will help to check the application and ensure the forms are filled correctly and verified  
  • teachers will be aware of important updates about the exam
  • HMS will assist if there are any problems with the exam boards

Timeline for Music Exam application in Spring 2024

Trinity face-to-face exam

Application deadline: 23 February 2024

Exam dates  

Mid-Herts Music Centre    4 March – 8 March

Stevenage Music Centre   26 March – 27 March

Please note that HMS will assign the exam date to each applicant.

If you have any concern regarding the exam date, please contact .

Trinity Digital exam

Application deadline: 1 March 2024

Submission deadline: 22 March 2024

Accompanist and rehearsals

You can apply for an accompanist with HMS online. After the application is received, we will send an email with the accompanist's schedule. The prices will not be included with the exam fees.

On the exam day, we will have several rehearsal sessions for applicants.Please let us know if you would like to rehearse before the exam.

Debts Check

We will process debts check after receiving the exam application. Please note that if there any unpaid debts on the account, the application will not be accepted until the amount owed is paid.

How to apply

Please click the link below to apply:

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