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We have moved our Customer Management Information System over to a new platform - SpeedAdmin. SpeedAdmin is used in over 60 other music services across England as well as music schools and centres across Europe.

We have chosen SpeedAdmin to ensure we can deliver the best customer experience possible. 

SpeedAdmin introduces additional features that you can access via your music service account:

  • View your account balance and make payments
  • View student timetable
  • Register your child to new activities (ensembles/lessons/holiday clubs)
  • Holiday and term date information
  • Payment details
  • Online individual instrumental/vocal lessons

You should have already received your log-in details for the Parent Portal, if you need them re-sent please email

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Video guides 

We have produced a couple of short video guides to help you with the main elements of the Parent Portal and payments. Please note the videos have no sound.

Parent Portal 

You can also download the Parent Portal guidance as a PDF.

Payment video guide

You can also download the payment guidance as a PDF

We have also put together some FAQs to help with some of the questions you may have with the new system.


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What can I see about my child’s lessons on SpeedAdmin?

You will receive a login to the system where you will be able to access online lessons and see e.g. when your child’s activities have been timetabled, attendance record, lessons which have been cancelled, your account statement.

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Log-in and sign up

Do I need to install anything on my devices?

No it’s a web based system; you just need to login. You can download an app to your mobile device however this isn’t necessary and you may prefer to use the website.

Do I need to keep any software up-dated?

No – as SpeedAdmin is 100% web-based you will always have access to the latest and most secure edition of the system.

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Payments and invoicing

Can I request a paper copy of my invoice?

All communication will by email.  You will be able to view your account statement from your Customer portal on the new system and download a copy to save or print.  For accessibility reasons if you require a paper invoice please let us know at

Will I receive a reminder letter following the 14 days payment date?

Yes, you will receive one reminder which will allow you a further 7 days from the date of the reminder during which to make payment.

What happens if payment has not been received by the 14 days payment date?

You will receive a reminder. If payment is not hen made within 7 days of the reminder letter then lessons will be cancelled for the following term and you will be charged the late notice fee.

How much is the late notice fee?

The charge is the equivalent of 5 lessons or £29.50 for an ensemble or membership.

If fewer (or more) lessons have been scheduled than I have been invoiced for by the end of the summer term will my fees be adjusted?

Yes – you will receive an adjustment at the end of the summer term if an amendment is due to your fees for lessons scheduled across the academic year.

If I pay in advance, what happens if the tutor or student misses a lesson?

If the tutor misses a lesson they will try and reschedule the lesson for you. If by the end of the academic year this has not been possible you will receive an adjustment to the fees you have paid. 

If the student misses the lesson due to e.g. short term sickness, school trips/ activities, forgetfulness then the lesson will not be made up or credited.

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Payment plans, financial support and childcare vouchers

Can I make payments using an instalment plan or direct debit?

We are unable to set up a direct debit facility. However, we understand that customers may be experiencing challenges in the current economic climate.  If you would like assistance please contact us at to discuss a payment plan.

Can I apply for financial support?

Yes - please visit our 'Help with fees area' to apply for financial support.

Can I set up a standing order for payments?

No - payments will be via a new online card payment system.

Can I make payment using childcare vouchers?

No - The Music Service is a team within Children's Services at Hertfordshire County Council and as an internal department of the council we are not able to register as an independent childcare provider which would be necessary for us to be able to accept childcare vouchers in payment for activities.

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Once lessons have started

What do I do if I need to change the time of an individual lesson?

If you need to change an individual lesson, please let your teacher know 1 week in advance in writing, either by email or through the messaging system in SpeedAdmin.

What happens if my circumstances change, and I need to withdraw from lessons?

If your circumstances change and you want to withdraw from lessons, please let us know by filling in the lessons withdraw form.

You may only withdraw from lessons or a membership at the end of a term with written notice.

This needs to be completed by the dates specified in section 11, of our terms and conditions, to avoid being charged a late notice administration fee.

Online lessons

Whilst lessons will normally take place in person, HMS recognises that an online platform may be required at times. 

You may never need to use the online platform if all your child’s lessons can take place face to face, however if a school or centre is forced to close, then the lessons can be delivered online. 

To access online lessons, simply click on 'Online Learning' at the top of your SpeedAdmin main page.

Will my child miss class time for their music lessons?

If you select lessons at your child’s school, then it is likely they will miss some class time. HMS teachers make every effort to ensure pupils don’t miss the same class each week but in some cases this may not be possible.

HMS teachers liaise with each school they teach at regularly to keep updated on pupil progress.