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A little taste of funky Pie

Here you will find some activities to try. These activities were produced specifically for the lockdown period. Ordinarily, we work together as a group in a music centre where we gain a great deal from social interaction and collaboration.

We also have a document that will give a broader overview of what we offer. Link here

If you are interested in finding out more about what we can offer, please do contact Tim Emler for further information.

Warm up dance

Freya, our dancer, helps us get moving for the day with her Funky Pie warm up. This is an activity repeated at the beginning of every Funky Pie session, whether online or in person.

Musical activities

Tim, our musician, explores how to make wind and rain sounds.

Insert video 

Our musician Tom, explores instruments with us, we never knew we had.


Gulshan's guide

Gulshan, our Funky Pie friend, often pops by and shares lots of useful information. Here, Gulshan is showing us what happened last season at Funky Pie.


Visual arts

Jo, our visual artist, shows us how to paint a bee with our hands.


[The Funky Pie Song

Join us for a dance and sing-a-long to The Funky Pie Song. This is an activity repeated at the end of every Funky Pie session, whether online or in person.


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SEND music network 

All staff delivering music and arts subjects in Hertfordshire special schools are invited to join our SEND music network who meet termly to share good practice, discuss opportunities and encourage new connections.

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Music Therapy 

Engagement in music therapy sessions supports the development of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. Clients are also supported to reach their full potential through regular active participation in a creative therapeutic safe space.

Music therapists use music and sounds within sessions to communicate and interact with their clients. Music therapy is one of the creative arts psychotherapies and the nature of sessions is therefore confidential.

The music therapy team is made up of highly trained and skilled clinical practitioners who support their clients to engage in shared music making through improvisation, tailored to the unique responses of each individual. We are all state registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Visit this page to find out what happens in a music therapy session, as well as who might benefit from music therapy sessions.

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Hertfordshire Music Service, as the Lead Partner for Hertfordshire Music Education Hub, works with a range of organisations who share the same core values for supporting and inspiring vulnerable children and young people through music and creative experiences. Please find details here of some of our partners and their work.

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Family music 

Family Music is group music-making for parents and children aged 5-18 that offers an informal and fun environment for families to play music together and with others.

Using simple, accessible instruments such as percussion and ukulele, sessions are led by a workshop leader who will work with the group to ensure that everyone feel included, has fun and leaves with a sense of achievement.
Sessions can be run in schools, music centres and community centres, after school, at weekends or in the holidays.

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What is The Funky Pie?

Screenshot 2023-02-15 133027

The Funky Pie Company is part of the SEND inclusion team at Hertfordshire Music Service. They offer fantastic creative opportunities available across Hertfordshire for children and young people with special educational needs, and their families.

At the heart of The Funky Pie Company are the SEND Arts Award courses that have been running in Hertfordshire for over thirteen years. They are created and delivered by a collaboration of participating schools and a diverse team of artists who love to share their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Across the year Hertfordshire’s Special Schools come together for workshops and events, to support their young people working towards Arts Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Arts Award is a national qualification awarded by Trinity Collage London.  

The Artists at The Funky Pie Company work in pairs. A collaboration, not only with other artists with different skill sets such as a Sculptor and a Violinist, or a Storyteller and a Percussionist, but within this to explore alongside the young people, their creative responses. These responses we develop and encourage, building to a body of work that is expressive, exciting and most importantly each and every young person has ownership of.

The Funky Pie SEND Arts Award team Project Lead


Project Lead

Tim Emler was a rather reluctant pupil of the piano and ‘cello from an early age, but seemed to be quite good at it and soon became a member of various orchestras and choirs. Now, however, Tim is very grateful, as he has since used those skills to teach himself guitar, join rock bands and make lots and lots of noise.

Tim is now an instrumental teacher of the piano, guitar and bass guitar, eager to encourage students in a wide range of genres and styles. Tim also currently play bass in the acclaimed tribute act “The Pistols” as well as a few other bands.

Tim has worked in schools, as a TA, tutoring and mentoring SEN students, and has nurtured groups of musicians (calling themselves The SEN Pistols) to perform at school concerts.