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Hertfordshire Music Service exists to improve lives by creating musical learning opportunities of all kinds – nurturing and growing happiness and confidence. Making music improves the lives of children, young people and their families. It brings our communities together in a creative and inspiring way and benefits academic progress.

It has never been more important to harness the power of music to inspire your entire school community and Hertfordshire Music Service exists to create these opportunities for your students.

The focus for our service now is fixed firmly on ensuring all young people in Hertfordshire can find their unique musical voice as we look towards a new and exciting future with your school as a partner in our musical community.


We can confirm that the new costs for schools, from 1 September 2024, will be £49.92 per hour. We have applied grant funding to minimise the costs to schools and continue to ensure costs are kept as low as possible.

Music Centres

HMS deliver instrumental lessons, ensembles, bands, courses and training at its 12 music centres across the county throughout the year.

Our ambition for HMS music centres is that they become a hub for local communities to come together and make music. Joining an ensemble gives students the chance to make new friends, progress further and faster in their learning and perform in prestigious events and venues.

Our centres deliver special events for local schools, including singing festivals, orchestra days and even music technology courses. For more information on your local music centre and the events that your school can join in with, please click here.

HMS is immensely grateful to the schools who host a music centre, and we look forward to welcoming more students to our centres in future for exciting musical opportunities at all levels.

Building a High Quality Music Education Toolkit

The building a high quality music education toolkit includes a step-by-step process that anyone in the school can pick-up and use, with practical resources to accompany the delivery of the process to ensure a high-quality music education is embedded into your school.