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The music service is here to support your school in the way you need, and there are some inspiring ways HMS can ensure music remains alive and well in your local school community.

The focus for our service now is fixed firmly on ensuring all young people in Hertfordshire can find their unique musical voice as we look towards a new and exciting future with your school as a partner in our musical community.


We can confirm that the new costs for schools, from 1 September 2023, will be £48 per hour. We have applied grant funding to minimise the costs to schools and continue to ensure costs are kept as low as possible.

Music Centres

HMS deliver instrumental lessons, ensembles, bands, courses and training at its 12 music centres across the county throughout the year.

Our ambition for HMS music centres is that they become a hub for local communities to come together and make music. Joining an ensemble gives students the chance to make new friends, progress further and faster in their learning and perform in prestigious events and venues.

Our centres deliver special events for local schools, including singing festivals, orchestra days and even music technology courses. For more information on your local music centre and the events that your school can join in with, please click here.

HMS is immensely grateful to the schools who host a music centre, and we look forward to welcoming more students to our centres in future for exciting musical opportunities at all levels.


Music education during the COVID-19 pandemic has faced numerous challenges and difficulties. As guidance continues to change, we will ensure the HMS website is kept up to date so you have all the information you need to keep the music playing.

For the most up to date information, risk assessment templates and advice on how to adapt your music provision, visit the COVID-19 section of our website.

Blended Learning

The HMS blended learning offer has enabled students and schools to access musical learning throughout the pandemic.

It is expected that if face to face tuition is not available for any reason, all HMS services will immediately switch to an online platform.

Whilst we appreciate that, for some learners, face to face lessons might be preferable, we are keen to have no unnecessary pauses in musical learning.

Feedback from tutor and parent surveys indicate that musical progress remains consistently high during online learning, and students have learnt new skills in exciting and fun ways. Parents report feeling more involved in their child’s learning and being more confident to help them practice.

This means that no matter what happens, students will continue to make musical progress and receive music lessons from HMS.

For further information about the HMS blended offer, please contact us.