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Created by: Ben Stevens, Music Director

Date Created: 30th April 2021

Date of last update: N/A

1. General Overview

1.1 The Owner: Hertfordshire Music Service (HMS), a traded service of Hertfordshire County Council.

1.2 The Hirer: Usually the parent or carer.

1.3 The School: For First Access instrument loans, this is the school a pupil attends to receive their First Access programme lessons.

2. Criteria

2.1 Fully subsidised First Access instrument loans are available during the academic year to pupils who meet the following criteria:

  • Pupils taking part in an HMS First Access programme

3. Cost

3.1 The cost of all HMS First Access instrument loans is included in the cost to the School taking part in an HMS First Access programme for the duration of the 2021-22 academic year. The First Access programme will be reviewed on an annual basis and is subject to change without notice.

The First Access programme for 2021-22 is either fully subsidised using Arts Council England funding or £1,500 per year per class, charged to the School.

4. Duration

4.1. HMS instrument loans operate on an academic yearly basis and end after the final session or concert supervised by an HMS teacher. HMS will contact the School toward the end of the loan period to outline further options available to the Hirers and the School from September 2022.

4.2 Factors that may influence availability of a loan instrument include instrument stock levels and, in the case of the HMS First Access programme, availability of HMS teachers.

5. Commencement

5.1 The instruments will be delivered to the School in advance of the First Access sessions starting and will be under the care of the School from this time and whenever an instrument is on the School’s site until either HMS collects the instruments or a Hirer completes a loan agreement.

5.2 For the Hirer, HMS First Access instrument loans start from the date the Hirer completes and returns the First Access instrument loan agreement and the HMS teacher has delivered an induction to pupils on how to look after and care for the instrument. Once the agreement is returned and the induction is complete, the Hirer is responsible for looking after the instrument and ensuring the pupil brings it to the School for each First Access session.

6. Changes in lesson venue or teacher

6.1 HMS First Access instrument loans can continue whilst a pupil attends First Access lessons at the School. Where a pupil leaves the School, the First Access instrument must be returned to the School.

7. Damage and/or loss

7.1 In the event of accidental damage to a First Access instrument, HMS will bear the cost of replacement or repair.

7.2 In the event of loss or theft of a First Access instrument, HMS will investigate the loss/theft and liaise directly with the Hirer to determine the details. Where any damage, loss or theft is found to be malicious, if any instrument is kept after a request to return it is sent or if the instrument is sold or donated, the Hirer will be liable for the full repair or replacement cost, payable to HMS.

7.3 The Hirer must not authorise any repairs or maintenance, nor should the Hirer attempt to carry out any repairs personally. HMS does hope that parents/carers will support their child with routine care in accordance with any instrument care guidance issued by HMS.

7.4 In the event of any problems with the First Access instrument, in the first instance the Hirer must contact the School who will in turn contact the HMS teacher.

8. Insurance

8.1 HMS does not provide insurance cover for the First Access loan instrument; however all HMS instruments are insured whilst on any HCC premises.

8.2 Whilst not a requirement of the loan, the Hirer may add the instrument to an existing household contents insurance policy, or they may choose to insure it separately. HMS will not reimburse any Hirer or School for any costs arising from insuring an HMS instrument.

9. Returning the loan instrument

9.1 The First Access instrument must be returned to the School before the end of the academic year.

9.2 HMS will work in partnership with the School to ensure clear returning instructions are given to the Hirer before the end of the year. HMS will contact the School before the end of the loan period with options for continued loan/hire availability, where possible.

9.3 The First Access instrument must be returned in good condition, complete with any accessories and in its original case.

10. Maintenance and consumable items

10.1 For First Access instrument loans only, the Hirer or School will not be required to bear the cost of consumable items such as strings, rosin, oil or reeds. These items will be made available to pupils and the School during the First Access sessions by HMS staff.