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Does your child want to begin their musical journey?  Ukulele Bandits is a great place to start.

Ukelele Bandits is an ensemble for key stage 2 pupils and above. The Ukulele is an inexpensive instrument and a great way to introduce children to music.

  • for key stage 2 pupils and above
  • beginners welcome
  • play and sing together
  • increase social interaction skills
  • build confidence through performance

We offer trials with our our ensembles. Just come a long to our reception desk before the ensemble you are interested in and we will introduce you.

Register for ukulele bandits here.

You might also be interested in another ensemble for younger children, Music Makers.  Find out more here.

Check out the below fab videos to get you started - made by our very own Ukulele Bandit Extraordinaire Mr Tees!  

Practice videos

Nobody Loves Me - Chords C and F

Apples and Bananas - Chords C and F

How to play a G Chord

G and C practice

The Money song

Dm and Am Chords