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Herts Music Service Staff Data Return 2018

This page is to collect the data we have previously asked you to provide via a document.  We are obliged to supply this data to the Arts Council who provide us with financial support using public funding.

We will be able to extract information about your pupils from Paritor using the data you have entered onto Live Teacher. This will include instruments, gender, and assessment levels.
It is very important, therefore, that you update all assessment levels for pupils for the summer term 2018 on Live Teacher. 

Level 1       Grades 1-3
Level 2       Grades 4-5
Level 3       Grade 6 and above
However, the pupils do not have to have taken the formal grades it is more about the assessment of the level at which they are performing currently.

We need you to supply information about how many any pupils were in a First Access programme last year, and about any Ensembles you direct or teach in Schools (NOT Music Centres)

Please fill in the boxes below for the Academic Year 2017-18.

The deadline is 1 August 2018

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