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Katherine Wolfenden is the Interim Head of Hertfordhsire Music Service


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Ed Sheeran attacks schools' music cuts

Global star warns of damage to 'one of Britain's best and most lucrative exports'

Ed Sheeran has spoken out against cuts to music education in state schools, saying he benefited from the tuition he received as a student. Click below for more info.



Music education helps improve children's ability to learn

What if a large number of scientific studies found there was one activity that could improve our cognitive function, help our memory systems work effectively, help us learn language, help us moderate our emotional states, help us solve complex problems and help our brains be healthier into later life? What if that activity was also enjoyable for everyone involved?

There is one such activity: music education.

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New Term - New Horizons

After 15 years working for Hertfordshire Music Service, 11 as Head of Service, I will be leaving at the beginning of October to take up a new post as Head of Hull Music Service.

I grew up in Hull, so in many ways it is "going home" but nevertheless, it is a big move, and a big decision to leave Hertfordshire.

It has been an absolute privilege to have worked with so many tremendous teachers, schools and musicians - both young and not so young! Hertfordshire Music Service has quite rightly gained a repuation nationally as an orgnaisation that produces high quality musical outcomes with our young musicians and I am sure it will continue to do so in the future.

I would like to thank everyone, from elected councillors, Local Authority Officers, schools, teachers, families and of course Hertfordshire's young musicians for making my time here so special. I will take many happy memories with me when I move North.

James Dickinson


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