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James Dickinson - Head of Hertfordshire Music Service

Songwriter Project News!

Three sell-out Songwriter courses were held at Music Centres in West and Mid Herts during the Summer Half Term.  To find out more about Songwriter -

Visit the HMS Songwriter page HERE

Visit the Songwriter project page HERE


CLA publishes ‘ImagineNation: the value of cultural learning’

The Cultural Learning Alliance has published ImagineNation: the value of cultural learning. This new publication builds on the original ‘ImagineNation: the case for cultural learning‘ published in 2011, and sets out how studying arts and culture changes and shapes the lives of children and young people.

"The knowledge, skill and experience made possible by the performing and visual arts, film, museums, libraries, heritage and exploring the built environment, are essential to young people’s development. Through cultural learning, young people are encouraged to explore other cultures, past and present, and inspired to contribute to the arts and culture of the future."


Clear link between instrumental learning and attainment

The British Journal of Music Education recently published a research article by Professor Susan Hallam and Kevin Rogers on the impact that learning a musical instrument has on core academic progress and attainment.

A two-page introduction to the article can be downloaded by clicking here.

The BJME has kindly agreed to make the article freely available for the next three months. You can download the full article by viewing its listing on the Cambridge University Press website.


Music Medals News

Hertfordshire Music Service was one of the pioneering services in the introduction of Music Medals around 12 years ago.  Since then thousands of pupils have completed and received music medals.  We are now approaching 10,000 medals and expect to reach this milestone during 2017!

The teacher and pupil for the ten-thousandth medal will be celebrated in a special presentation, so the race is on, and watch this space!

More info about ABRSM Music Medals can be found HERE


Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to welcoming back staff and pupils over the next few days.  Staff training is On Friday 6 January in areas, East and West. 

For centre start dates please find the relevant centre page here -