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Gain Music Mark School Membership by being a "Musical School"

We can support you in assessing the impact of your current music provision and your plans for the future.

As part of our School Music Education Plan we are committed to supporting the develpoment of music in your school both in the curriculum and outside. This is not about the extent you either do or do not use our services, but a way of recording success and identifying plans for the future and committing to being "Musical School"

To support our rolling programme of school visits, Hertfordshire Music Service is providing a self evaluation toolkit for all leaders based on recommendations and priorities from this and preceding documents. This enables more schools to be able to engage in this process more quickly.
The self evaluation toolkit can be found below:-

Infant/Primary Schools TEMPLATE - *updated March 2019

Secondary Schools TEMPLATE - *updated March 2019

Our self evaluation toolkit can be used in several ways:

  • For a departmental /school review
  • As part of a department or school development plan evidencing breadth and balance
  • As a tool for target setting and tracking the progress of music as a curriculum subject
  • As an agenda for Music Service/ school partnership meetings
  • HMS will also approve Music Mark School Membership, for which you will receive a certificate, a logo to use on your stationary/website plus access to resources and events provided by Music Mark - The UK Association for Music Education.

We hope that you will use the template in whatever way is best for you, and having used it, if you would like to make a visit to your school a priority, please contact:

Tel: 01438 843050  


Essential Links: 

Music in Schools: Sound Partnerships

This report highlights the benefits and pitfalls of partnership working in music education.

Part A of the report identifies five Key Actions taken by schools that have developed effective music education partnerships. Part B draws on the good practice seen, by linking to eight good practice case studies. These highlight how the best partnerships have improved provision for music in primary and secondary schools and a special school.

The report includes guidance to help schools improve their partnership working in music education, including with the new music hubs.

Music in Schools: promoting good practice

Guidance from HMI for teachers, headteachers and music hub leaders when observing musical teaching and learning

‘Schools, all other funded providers of music education, and providers of Continuing Professional Development should work together to …strengthen senior leadership of music in schools by increasing headteachers’ and senior leaders’ knowledge and understanding about the key characteristics of effective music provision, including the appropriate use of musical assessment and the importance of teachers’ musical preparation, so that they can more effectively observe and support music in their schools’

Music in Schools: Wider Still and Wider, Ofsted 2012

This guidance has been produced by specialist music HMI in response to this key priority from the 2012 Ofsted triennial music report. The six video studies of good practice published alongside the report also provide musical illustrations to exemplify the key priorities for observation. The videos show very clearly that there is not a single, definitive, ‘approved’ format for structuring effective music lessons. Inspection evidence shows that there are , however, some broad principles for all good musical teaching and learning, common to all music contexts.

The principles and key questions contained in the guidance are applicable to all forms of music teaching and learning – in the classroom, in additional instrumental and vocal tuition, in ensemble work and in music project work led by professionals and animateurs.