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    Hertfordshire Music Service has a strong presence in Music Technology throughout the county and we teach music technology in all phases from primary through to A-Level.

    Some of the projects we work with regularly include:

    • Whole class primary music (Wider Opportunities)
    • A-Level specialist teaching
    • Song writing workshops
    • Synthesis
    • Rap writing
    • Production skills
    • Live sound engineering

    We are available to provide teaching to both schools and directly via our music centres. We have specialist music technology spaces several centres including a computer lab at Stevenage Music Centre and a 64-track recording studio at the Clarendon Muse, Watford Music School.

    Our sessions are based round several suites of Apple Macbooks - we have a suite of 15 dedicated to whole class primary work and another smaller suite for other workshops.

    In recent months we have also bought a suite of iPod Touches for music making on-the-move. All of these pieces of equipment are available for schools to use when free.

    We also offer a free consultancy service for schools with queries regarding music technology - our Consultant for Music Technology Tim Hallas has many years experience teaching at all levels and can provide advice on equipment purchases, teaching strategies and anything else you could think of!

    If you have any enquiries please contact:

    Tim Hallas
    Consultant for Music Technology

    01438 202806 - Office
    07779 255238 - Mobile