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Leadership Team for Herts Music Service

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About Music Therapy

All human beings respond to music and are inherently musical. This basic response to music is present from birth and remains throughout life, often unimpaired by disability or illness. It is this powerful and innate response to music through which music therapists develop therapeutic relationships with their clients (adults, young people and children). Musical communication and self-expression is common to all of us and is the powerful medium via which positive change and development can occur in music therapy sessions.

Engagement in music therapy sessions supports the development of physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. Clients are also supported to reach their full potential through regular active participation in a creative therapeutic safe space. Music therapists use music and sounds within sessions to communicate and interact with their clients. Music therapy is one of the creative arts psychotherapies and the nature of sessions is therefore confidential.

The music therapy team is made up of highly trained and skilled clinical practitioners who support their clients to engage in shared music making through improvisation, tailored to the unique responses of each individual. We are all state registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

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Our services

We work with children, adults and community groups throughout Hertfordshire. Referrals can be made directly to us by parents and carers, by adults who may self-refer or by professionals involved with these client groups. Our team aims to support the people involved with the vulnerable children and adults with whom we work and we aim to liaise closely with those involved with our clients.

We work in schools, music centres, care homes and other suitable venues within the county. We offer two types of service:

  1. Our Sessional music therapy service which takes referrals for children, young people  or adults from individual referrers and are usually delivered at the client’s base, which may be a school or care home, or in one of our county music centres
  2. Our Contracted services via service level agreements (SLA) Usually for schools or care homes who wish to contract a period of time (half or whole day) each week for a full year at a time and who then make their own referrals within this service

We offer both individual one-to-one sessions between the client and the music therapist and group sessions. The needs of the individual client will determine whether individual or group work is most clinically appropriate.

The referral process for sessional work

  • The first enquiry will be followed up by informal discussion with you as the referrer via a phone call or email communication from the Head Music Therapist, Jennie Small.
  • A referral and consent form and information about the sessional service will then be sent if the person making the referral wants to proceed on to arranging a music therapy assessment for the client.
  • Further discussions to arrange a suitable venue and regular weekly session time will be followed by the allocation of one of the music therapists in the team for the client.
  • This music therapist will then have an informal discussion with you and arrange an initial visit to observe the client in their normal setting, usually at school or at a care home. They will also speak to other appropriate professionals in order to begin to get to know the client before the first actual session. This is a very helpful starting point and enables us to form a better understanding of the needs of the client. This initial visit forms the first of the assessment sessions - further details about the assessment process are below.
  • You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the sessional service before the first music therapy session can take place.

The referral process for Service Level Agreement (SLA) work

Referrals are made in the same way via referral and consent forms. Discussions about the initial referral would happen in the school or care home between the music therapist and professionals in the team making the referral. Observation of the client would happen in the same way before the first session.

Please contact the Head Music Therapist, Jennie Small, for more details and costings for Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts.

The current cost for a whole day music therapy SLA (April 2018) is £9175 and for a half day £4587.50

Music Therapy with children

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Music Therapy with adults

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