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Music Medals               
Lead Teacher - Marie Price


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Music Medals Training

Training is usually held each term, but please contact for details.

The next training session is Tuesday 8 January 1-3pm at Mid Herts. BOOK HERE

*NEWS!  You can now enter pupils for Music Medals at Copper and Bronze level on the NUVO JSax and the NUVO TooT!

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Over 10,00 medals in Hertfordshire!

Useful Resources

Download Repertoire lists

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Flute    Oboe    Clarinet    Bassoon   Saxophone

Trumpet    Horn    Eb Horn    Trombone    Baritone/Euphonium    Tuba

Guitar    Keyboard

Violin   Viola    Cello    Double Bass

Admin of Medals

Letter to parents    Introduction Speech    Signs

If you trained in the past but would like a refresher, or just help to get started, contact

Why do medals?

If you've not considered Music Medals as part of your teaching, you might be missing out on something! Particularly good for early learners and pupils who learn in groups, Medals are an opportunity to start 'formal' assessment long before Graded Exams would be feasible. The ensemble and option sections allow pupils to play to their strengths and the whole test is more easily woven into lessons than Grades.

If you are interested, click on the Music Medals logo to be taken to their website or contact marie.price for more details of training sessions.

Which pupils can take Music Medals?

All players of woodwind, strings and brass plus electronic keyboard - any age, including adults.

How do Medals fit in with Graded Exams?

They are complementary - they suit some pupils and teachers more than the more traditional Grade tests and are another way for pupils, parents and teachers to gauge progress and offer incentives for practice. Medals give pupils the opportunity to be tested in ensemble playing and the option tests can include  elements of simple improvisation.

How do I enter pupils and conduct the assessment?

To enter pupils for Music Medals, you need to have completed the Music Medals Teacher Assessor Training, which takes a couple of hours, dealing with the entry and assessment procedure and, using video examples, looks at the actual tests to enable you to assess your own pupils. The entry process is explained here

When is the training?

Training is usually available each term - all teachers are welcome to attend. Other sessions are held during the year in response to teacher requests. If you would like to do the training, contact, the Music Service Music Medals Trainer and Co-ordinator.