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Items wanted > 2 3/4 quarter or half size guitars - wanted

Hello there and Happy New Year,

To any kind musicians reading this, I am looking for 2 guitars either 3/4 or half size please.
One is for a 7 year old with ASD and the other is also 7 years old but my friend is a single mum.

Both of our kids, really love singing and are desperate to learn to play the guitar. Costs are an issue though as we have a very small budget. We have been scouring charity shops but have not had any luck yet. If anyone, has 2 guitars even if one is 3/4 and the other is half size, which they would like to donate to 2 special boys please kindly get in touch.

I know its a tight budget but, the max we can go for 2 guitars is £25.

Many thanks and have a lovely year.


January 2, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterA