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Leadership Team for Herts Music Service

Lisa Quinlan-Rahman
Vicki Roberts
Michael Mabbitt
Katherine Wolfenden
Deena Day
Angela Gilby
Rebecca Kelly
Nick Denham

Family Music

Family Music is group music-making for parents and children aged 5-18 that offers an informal and fun environment for families to play music together and with others.

Using simple, accessible instruments such as percussion and ukulele, sessions are led by a workshop leader who will work with the group to ensure that everyone feel included, has fun and leaves with a sense of achievement.

Sessions can be run in schools, music centres and community centres, after school, at weekends or in the holidays.

Benefits of Family Music include:
  • Helping to foster positive relationships between school and parents by offering a chance for families to be together in school, doing something creative and having fun.
  • Supporting the transition of vulnerable pupils to secondary school.
  • Supporting older pupils to mentor their younger peers.
  • It is accessible and inclusive – no musical knowledge is needed and everyone can join in, removing barriers posed by low maths and literacy skills.
  • Encouraging parents to demonstrate resilient learning skills to their children.
  • Can encourage the development of leadership skills in children and young people.
  • Promotes better understanding of other cultures.
  • Can be offered as an extension to, or to help establish, First Access whole-class music provision in primary schools.
  • Supports music, PSHE and citizenship curricula and British Values and Prevent agendas.
  • Can also support CPD for members for staff.