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CPD            Continuing Professional Development


September 2017 CPD/Team Time Feedback

Guy Claxton ~ SEND ~ Performance Anxiety ~ Music Technology ~ Voice ~ Composition ~ MyMusicPB ~ Alexander Technique ~ PensionsOverall ~ Incomplete Evaluations

Voice ~ Strings ~ Guitar ~ Percussion ~ Brass ~ Piano ~ Woodwind

CPD Dates 2018

Spring Term CPD in areas, East and West - Wednesday 3 January 2018

Summer Term CPD Monday and Tuesday 16/17 April 2018

Please put these dates in your diary.

April 2017 CPD feedback

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ABRSM Music Medals Training

If you would like training to become a Music Medals Teacher Assessor, this is open to all HMS teachers and you can be paid for the training as part of your CPD entitlement.  Please email and we can arrange a session.  Training takes 2 hours. 

More info about Music Medals is here and here

CPD Feedback January 2017

West Area at Watford - click HERE

External CPD

Click HERE for information about attending external CPD