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CPD               Continuing Professional Development

Herts Music Service Transformation 

*IMPORTANT* Click below to read about the future of Herts Music Service and to book a session for staff to har about and discuss the Transformation Programme.

Transformation Programme Session Booking

CPD Dates for 2019

We are now using Eventbrite for some of our bookings.  CPD is provided free of charge.

You can be paid for CPD up to your entitlement (1 day's training for each weekly day you teach. eg 2 days teaching a week = 2 days annual cpd allowance).  Safeguarding training is not included in this, but is included as part of your hourly rate as directed time.

Monday 7 January - CPD booking here

Tuesday 8 January am - Safeguarding Training 
Book here if you have not received training since 2016

Tuesday 8 January pm - Music Medals Training
Further info about Music Medals here

Tuesday 23 April - Team Time

Wednesday 24 April - CPD

Tuesday 14 May am - Safeguarding Training

Tuesday 14 May pm - Music Medals Training 

CPD Wind Team Time Transition 

Suzi Walton’s PowerPoint slides 

Suzi introduced us to a project that she developed to build up her saxophone teaching.  Proactive in her approach, she developed a fun, group lesson program at one of her feeder schools getting students and parents fully engaged with the “Dood” from Nuvo as a younger introduction for the saxophone.

CPD Feedback September 2018

Paul Whittaker Keynote  - Sam Ojokor  -  Tim Hallas  -  Pete Churchill  -  Overall  -  Impact  -  Paul Whittaker Breakout  -  Syncphonia  -  Ukulele  -  Alexander Technique

CPD Data January 2018

EAST AREA ~ graph ~ SEND ~ Performance Anxiety ~ Music Technology ~ Voice ~ Composition ~ MyMusicPB ~ Alexander Technique ~ PensionsOverall ~ Incomplete Evaluations

Voice ~ Strings ~ Guitar ~ Percussion ~ Brass ~ Piano ~ Woodwind

April 2017 CPD feedback

Please click HERE

CPD Feedback January 2017

West Area at Watford - click HERE

External CPD

Click HERE for information about attending external CPD