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Terms & Conditions
James Dickinson - Head of Hertfordshire Music Service

Hertfordshire Music Service

Terms and Conditions for Music Centre Tuition and Activities

1. FEES Invoiced when a place has been accepted and are payable in advance, at the start of each term. Current charges are listed separately. Fees are based on 33 lessons in an academic year; the number in each term may vary according to the length of the term but fees are charged in 3 equal termly amounts. Payment can be made by cheque (to Hertfordshire County Council), debit or credit card, or online (details on reverse of invoice) invoices are payable within 21 days.

2. MISSED LESSONS and credits. If the teacher is available but the student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson, no refund can be made. If the teacher is absent, every effort will be made to make up the lesson at a future date but, if not made up a credit will be issued. Credits are calculated at the end of the academic year. Attendance records are kept for invoicing and used as the source of information for any queries about accounts.

3. TERMINATING LESSONS. Lessons can only be stopped at the end of a term. To discontinue lessons or membership of a group activity, half a term’s written notice to the Head of Centre is required. This needs to be received by the Friday before half term for finishing at the end of that term. In the absence of written notice, a further term’s fees will be payable. Autumn term leavers receive 11 lessons, Spring term leavers 22 lessons and Summer term leavers the full 33 lessons.

4. FINANCIAL SUPPORT Funding is available for school age students for Families on low incomes, funded and administered by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) through the Music Service. Please note that the scheme cannot be provided retrospectively. An application must be submitted together with the required proof of eligibility before tuition can be confirmed. Support is granted for an academic year but will be withdrawn if eligibility changes during the year. It is necessary to re-apply in the summer term each year. Continuing eligibility is also subject to satisfactory attendance and commitment information is available at the Music Centre, or online at: Applications are made online at, or by calling Hertfordshire County Council's Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4048 Financial support is subject to availability so please note that confirmation that your child/ren are eligible for help with music fees through the application process does not guarantee that your child will receive a lesson or financial support.

5. INSTRUMENTS Loan instruments provided by the Music Service must be covered by insurance and responsibility accepted for loss or accidental damage. The insurance requirements and any applicable loan fee will vary according to the value of the instrument and details will be provided when a loan arrangement is made. Hertfordshire Music Service does not accept responsibility for privately owned instruments. We recommend that you insure instruments at replacement value through a specialist music insurance company that will provide sufficient cover outside the home. Information is available in the music centre. Corporate insurance covers your rights in the event of loss or damage occurring to instruments as a result of actions by Hertfordshire County Council employees where they are deemed to have been negligent.

6. ASSISTED INSTUMENT PURCHASE SCHEME This scheme is open to all pupils. Instruments recommended by our teachers as suitable for students are held in stock at very competitive prices and quotations for other instruments can be obtained. Teachers should be consulted when considering the purchase of an instrument. For more information refer to:

7. HEALTH & SAFETY. All lessons take place on HCC premises. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the health and safety of your child. Hertfordshire Music Service is only responsible for your child when in a lesson or activity. We are not able to provide general supervision at other times. Health and safety is the responsibility of all, please bring to our attention anything that may give cause for concern. Please note we do not have a qualified First Aider on site